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Membership Rules:

It’s simple: join today to start earning stars and enjoy more benefits! For every purchase made online or in stores, you will earn stars for every dollar spent on our products. Each product will hold its own star value that can be redeemed towards your membership status.

Earn membership stars

For every $1 spent on

Eve's Temptation
All products

Eve by Eve's

=10 stars
For every $1 spent on
Eve by Eve’s
(excluding home decor and beauty/skincare products)
=1 star
Note: Gift cards, gift boxes & home decor are not eligible for stars and membership discount.

Membership benefits

There are three membership levels that can be achieved: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Here are our stars and benefits at every level:

0 - 2999 stars
(Extra 10% off first order)
3000 - 9999 stars
(Extra 20% off every order)
10,000+ stars
(Extra 30% off every order)

*Products with special deal tags are star accumulative but are not eligible for membership discount.
*Membership discount will be applied after all other discounts and coupons have been applied to the order. For instance, a sleepwear set discounted at 20% off the list price to all customers will be sold at an extra 20% discount to Eve’s Gold Star Members.

Current website promotion
Extra 10% off first order
One year membership
Extra 20% off every order
Extra 30% off every order

As soon as you sign up for an account on our website, you will automatically be enrolled under our Silver membership. To achieve Gold membership status, you will need to reach 3,000 stars within the year from your membership start date. To upgrade to our exclusive Platinum membership, shop to 10,000 stars and start enjoying its perks.

Stars accumulated within the year will automatically apply to your next qualifying membership. Your membership status will be adjusted automatically once you’ve reached enough stars for the next level. To renew your current membership status through the following year, you must accumulate the corresponding stars required for that membership before your current membership expires.

If you acquire enough stars to upgrade to the next membership level within the year, the deadline of your membership will be extended one calendar year from the day your membership is upgraded.

If you’d like to return a product(s), the membership stars you earned for the item(s) will be deducted. Your membership status will be adjusted reflecting your current star balance.

*All stars are subject to change without notice per our terms and conditions. Eve’s Temptation/Eve by Eve’s members will earn stars through purchase of qualifying products at store locations and online if they are redeemable towards the purchase of certain products.

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